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2Dfire, founded in 2005, has been deeply involved in the field of catering services for more than ten years. It has long focused on the development and application of cloud-based catering software and has obtained several technology patents and intellectual property rights. 2Dfire has more than 500 technical research and development talents, with a total of nearly 1,000 employees, and is headquartered in Hangzhou China.
From POS operations to Supply Chain management, from QR ordering to Targeted Marketing strategies, from enabling hassle-less payment to aiding financing plans, 2Dfire provides a complete solution serving more than 400,000 restaurants and retail stores to achieve intelligent management and operations.
In 2018, the Implementation of QR ordering, pioneered by 2Dfire, exceeded 200 million, and the service scene was further expanded to campuses, high-speed rail, highway service stations, hotels, and shopping malls.
2Dfire has now expanded its business to Thailand, South Korea, Japan, North America, Luxembourg, Australia and other countries. Its footprint is reaching more than 400 cities around the world.


Being the subsidiary of 2Dfire in Australia, we are backed by the giant which devote to improve the efficiency of the hospitality and retail industry. Until today, our HD has more than 600+ employees and 300+ RND experts included. They are proudly serving not only China but also 400 cities around the world.


We are with our merchants every step of the way, daring to pioneer and dream beyond.

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