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1. POS System

2. D Manager App

3. Scan To Order

4. KDS

5. Integration

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1. POS System

1.1 Why the data on my terminal are not changed after I made some modifications on D Manager app?

Every time you make any change on the D Manager app, please press Data Section >> Update Setting Data on your terminal to sync the data.

* If your store has a Sub POS, after updating data on the Main POS, please restart your Sub POS as well.

1.2 How can I set username and password for an employee to log in 2Dfire POS System?

You can only set login username and password on your D Manager app.

Shop Opening Settings >> Employee Management >> Create or choose an employee in the list >> Cash register login settings >> Set employee's username and password >> Save

1.3 How to choose add-ons for an item in a Combo?

Within the Combo Screen, individual item is listed on the left. Choose an item and the Add-on screen will come up.

Choose Add-ons

1.4 How to refund a single item in the bill?

Partial refund is not allowed in 2Dfire POS. You can only process a full refund, delete the item and then pay the modified bill.

1.5 I have connected my printer with USB, why does it still not work?

When you connect your printer with USB, a window will pop up on your terminal, please choose 2Dfire POS, then press Allow button.

1.6 Where can I find my Store and User Login Information?

Login details are provided via email. If you log out by mistake and cannot find your login details, please contact our staff for the further support.

1.7 What should I do when there is a red "!" on the Module bar?

Exclamation mark indicates poor network connection which may affects certain functions.

Please do the followings:

  1. Check internet connection
  2. Restart router
  3. Restart 2Dfire POS

If problem persists, contact our staff for further troubleshooting.

1.8 How can I connect my Sub POS to the Main POS?

On the Main POS, please press More >> Localhost IP and synchronized password >> Remember the IP and password

On the Sub POS, please type in the IP and password >> Type in Store Login Information

1.9 How can I issue a membership card on the POS System?

1. Membership Module (More Module >> Module Switch >> Turn on Membership Module)

2. Issue Card (Card issuing institution >> Select card type >> Card type >> Type in or scan card number >> Type in membership information >> Confirm)

1.10 How to use membership card to pay the bill?

Select an order >> Pay >> Member Card >> Type in card number or mobile number >> Choose a discount >> Confirm payment

2. D Manager APP

2.1 How to install D Manager App?

  1. Click any link above and open the web page. (Please make sure openning it in the browser instead of other apps like WeChat.)
  2. If you are using an iPhone, please click D Manager (iOS).*
  3. If you are using an Android phone, please click D Manager (Android).
  4. Login in with the mobile number that you provided to us.**

* Because of the system protection mechanism of iOS, you need to establish trust for the developer. Tap Settings >> General >> Profiles or Profiles & Device Management. Under the "Enterprise App" heading, you see a profile for the developer. Tap the name of the developer profile under the Enterprise App heading to establish trust for this developer. Then you will see a prompt to confirm your choice.

** The Country Code for Australia is +61, please type in your phone number without the starting 0.

2.2 How can I log in to the D Manager APP?

On the login page, please select Verification code login >> Type in your phone number >> Press Obtain code >> Type in the code you received on your phone >> Press Login

D Manager Login

2.3 What should I do when today's sales are not displayed in D Manager?

Please press Data Module on the terminal >> Press Upload Business Data

If the data are still not displayed, please check the network of the POS System.

2.4 Why I cannot see anything on the homepage in D Manager after logging in?

Please scroll down the homepage and then you can find the modules.

2.5 How to change the display language of D Manager?

Press the pfp on the top left corner in the D Manager App >> Set >> Multi-language >> Choose the language you want to switch

3. Scan To Order

3.1 How can I change the display language of the Scan to Order Page?

On the Scan to Order Page, press Navi Button >> Member Center >> Personal Info >> Default Language >> Change to your preferred language

3.2 What should I do if I do not want to display some items on E-Menu?

You can set whether to display or not for each item on D Manager.

On the D Manager app, choose Menu Section >> Item >> Menu >> Item you want to hide >> Turn off available for E-Menu

E-Menu Display

3.3 Is login mandatory when using Scan to Order service?

Yes, customers must log in first to access to Scan to Order service.

Customers can choose to log in with their Facebook or Google accounts instead of registering with their mobile number.

4. KDS

4.1 Why there was nothing shown in KDS after the customers placed the orders?

Please select the items you want to receive in KDS when customers place orders first. 

In your KDS, press Settings >> System Settings >> Choose the Line you are using (Preparation Line, Production Line, Dish Serving Line) >> Add the item to the Line

KDS Add Items

4.2 How can I log in to KDS?

Please use your registered mobile number and password to log in. If the password is incorrect, please press Forget Password to reset your password and then log in again.

KDS Login

5. Integration

5.1 How to pair Tyro EFTPOS machine with 2Dfire POS System?

Please kindly check the 2Dfire – Tyro Integration User Manual and follow the instructions listed in the manual.

You can access to the 2Dfire – Tyro Integration User Manual from here>>.

5.2 How to integrate EASI with 2Dfire POS System?

Please kindly check the 2Dfire – EASI Integration User Manual and follow the instructions listed in the manual.

You can access to the 2Dfire – EASI Integration User Manual from here>>.

You can also check our support videos through the link below.

5.3 [Item A] should only be printed on its allocated printer. Why did all the kitchen printers print [Item A] when I received orders from EASI?

It is usually because the item names do not match. When receiving orders from EASI, each item would be matched by its name to find the correct printer to print. Please check all the uppercase, lowercase, space between words.

5.4 How to enable surcharging on Tyro?

Surcharging must be set through the Tyro portal.

Please kindly check the link above and follow the steps listed in the article.

5.5 How to verify if the EFTPOS machine is surcharging?

If the words “Surcharging may apply” appear above the "pay by tap" symbol on the payment screen, then your EFTPOS machine has been enabled for surcharging.

You can also press the INFO button when on the payment screen, during a transaction, to verify that your surcharge amounts are correct for the payment being made. Press the link below to learn more.

5.6 Can I disable the printing of merchant receipts on a Tyro EFTPOS?

You cannot turn off all printing, but you can disable merchant receipts for express payments. Press the link below to learn more.

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