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Kiosk & Quick Serivce Stores

Takeaway Venue Type is suitable for takeaway-only stores like Cafes, Juice Bars, Bubble Tea Stores*, Bakeries and Fast Food Stores.

Recommended Accessories: POS System + Cashier Printer

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Takeaway Scenario
Dine in Restaurants Scenario

Full Service Restaurants

Dine in Venue Type is suitable for dine in restaurants.

Small-sized restaurants like Fast Food Stores, Coffee Shops, Milk Tea Stores*, Noodles and BBQ Shops with tables and kitchens are fit for Dine in Venue Type.

Large restaurants like International Cuisine Restaurants, Hot Pot Restaurants and other large business areas with more tables, private rooms and kitchen stalls are also recommended to choose Dine in Venue Type.

Recommended Accessories: POS System + Cashier Printer + Kitchen Printer

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* Bubble Tea Stores and Milk Tea Stores are suggested to use label printers. Please contact our staff through phone call or using live chat at the bottom.

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